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My Name is Deborah Krueger, I am 59 years old and I have done many things during my lifetime.

I have been sole-proprietor of KING SIZE QUILTS, for the past three years.  Two years in Skykomish, WA and one year in Wheeler on the coast of Oregon.  I am recently semi-retired and now only make custom quilts for people who appreciate the finest quality one-of-a-kind pieces.

On January 1, 2007 I married the love of my life.  We were high school sweethearts in 1964 and our lives took us different directions only to find one another 40 years later.  I closed my retail shop and now work out of our home designing and making those same king and queen size quilts.

I have quilts in Holland and Germany and across this country in states including-WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, ID, CO, FL, TX, TN, MI, OH, WV, VA, MA, GA, MN, WI, NC, AL, MT, NJ, MO.

I had a small lodging business in Leadville, Colorado and found my biggest challenge was finding quilts large enough to fit a king or queen size bed. I never did find that perfectly sized quilt. So, with my love of sewing, I began making my own custom king and queen sized quilts having now sold close to 100 of them.

It had been a dream of mine for some time to make quilts for people searching for these same larger quilts.  My quilt sizes have allowed me to share my success with you.

In my “real life”, I earned a living as a chef and in reality that too is very creative.  When I opened my quilt shop I started telling people that I was poor as a church mouse and happy as a clam.  It is true that when you have a job you love you really “never work”.  I have “not worked” in the past 5 years because I have loved making quilts that much.

I have never taken a quilting class and I have never taught a quilting class.  I do not own a book on quilting.   (I have more ideas than I do time, and that has always been the way of my life.)   All of my quilts have been made on my 1956 Elna “grasshopper” and I would not give her up for all the money in the world.  And then again for all that money, I might at least think about it.

If you are in the Portland-Seattle area please come visit us.
Deborah Krueger

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