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Have you ever noticed most quilts fall short of covering the sides and end of your bed? My quilts will cover your entire bed, including side boards, with plenty of quilt to tuck under and fold over the pillows. No need for bed skirts or pillow shams. No footboard? No problem. Your coverage is complete.

A beautiful quilt is the focus of your bedroom. Art for the eye…blending a pattern of 400 to 14,400 individual pieces with just the right carefully chosen colors and contrast of up to seventy five 100% cotton fabrics, reflecting quality and creativity in every detail.

Hundreds of years ago when women first began quilting there were no sewing machines and there were no washers and dryers. They had to work with what fabric was available, often just scraps gathered here and there.

Today, we as quilters have a plethora of fabulous fabrics available to us, and yes, we have sewing machines.

Can you imagine the wonder of the sewing machine at its inception?

The sewing machine was once one of our technologic wonders. What used to take months and even years could now be done in only a few short weeks.

Of course, nothing will ever take the place of a fine completely hand-sewn antique quilt. But a problem still remains. The very best of hand sewn quilts can not begin to hold up as well as a machine made quilt. In fact machine quilting has become an art form in itself. Much more intricate designing can be done with a machine than can ever be done by hand.

If it is durability and serviceability you are looking for then nothing will compare to a machine-made quilt.

I had a small lodging business in Leadville, Colorado and found my biggest challenge was finding quilts large enough to fit a king or queen size bed. I never did find that perfectly sized quilt. So, with my love of sewing, I began making my own custom king and queen sized quilts.

It has been a dream of mine for some time to make quilts for people searching for these same larger quilts.

My quilt sizes now allow me to share my success with you.

Deborah Krueger


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